Scarlt presents top 8 trends for dresses in 2021

There is no doubt that dresses are considered one of the most feminine clothes available from fashion stores. They have been around since the beginning of human history and they are loved because of how versatile they are. Some of them are glamorous, sexy, sophisticated or simply comfortable. There is a dress for any occasion, taste and personality, whether you like vibrant colors and prints or more sober and reserved tones, you will find a dress that will suit you and your needs!

Every year there are new trends thanks to fashion weeks and top brands who dictate what's in and what’s out, and this year it’s no exception! For 2021 we have multiple and fun trends for all fashion lovers, and dresses are an essential part of this trend. Opposed to what many people think, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a dress you saw in the runway. It’s all about how you adapt clothes to your own personal style regardless if it was cheap and most importantly, if you feel comfortable and beautiful whenever you look in the mirror.

So, let’s get started with this Top 8 trends for dresses in 2021!

1- V-line dresses

V-line dresses are an instant classic that is here to stay.  They are a fan-favorite for those who are looking for a fun and flirty touch but still keeping it classic. These deep plunging necklines are ideal for all kinds of chest sizes and always boost the right amount of confidence, helping women feel sexy! Pasties or Self-Adhesive Silicone Push Up Bras are highly recommended if you don't want your bra to show. Check out our Alina V-neckline Dress!

 V-line dresses

2- Puffy sleeves:

Who doesn't love feeling like a fairy tale princess? Puffy sleeves are having a comeback and not only in dresses, but also in other fashion items like shirts, blouses and jackets. You can find them in different styles, from a slight puff, or if you like to make big fashion statements, you can opt for super puffy ones that will become the center of attention anywhere you go! Check out our Charlie Girl Amo Couture White Dress, they have the perfect puffy effect!

Puffy sleeves


3- Slip-on dresses

Slip dresses are some of the most comfortable dresses to wear, you can easily put them on, they are not too tight so they are flattering for any body type, they are ideal for any season and fully breathable. It doesn't get any better! Plus, they are usually made with silky fabrics that feel super smooth and soft to the touch. If you are looking for the perfect slip-on dress check out our Purple Slip Satin Dress!

Slip-on dresses


4- Cute Prints:

If your personality tends to be on the delicate side and you prefer lighter tones, a dress with a cute print will get the job done. Lately there has been a boom on social media regarding dresses like these where the prints are simply that: Cute. And these prints remind us of our childhood years where innocence was our main characteristic so it's a great way to feel young and free again. Try our Venus Amo Strawberry Sequin Dress which has a dreamy and soft pink vibe!

Cute Prints

5- T-Shirt dresses

A dress isn't always a synonym of a fancy look. There are plenty of other alternatives where you can still use a dress but in a more casual way, and a T-shirt dress is one of these options! The best part is that you can pretty much turn any oversized shirt into a dress, and if you want to be a little bit more extra you can add some accessories to it, like a belt or one of the new trendy corsets that accentuate your waist! If you are looking for a modern looking style check out our Illustration T-shirt Dress, you are going to love it!

T-Shirt dresses


6- Flower Print Dress

This list can't be complete without our preferred choice for Spring, and what better way to welcome this lovely season than with a Flower Print Dress. Now a classic print that is probably in everyone's wardrobe by now, you can opt for a flower print in your favorite color, as well as your favorite type of dress. It doesn't matter if it's a Maxi-dress or a mini-dress! As long as it has a flower print, you'll be on the right track for this Spring Season. Need to add one to your collection? Check out our amazing Rosalyn Floral Amo Couture Dress!

Flower Print Dress


7- Lace dress

If romantic is one of the characteristics that best define you this category will be right up your alley! This trend of lace dresses is so beautiful and having one of these in your closet won't hurt you at all. One of their main characteristics is that they have different sheer layers and combined with the high-quality lace the make the perfect combination, perfect for a date with your significant other, a picnic day with your friends and it's even suitable for formal occasions like a wedding in a garden. Our recommendation is our beautiful Hermione Amo Couture White Dress, make sure to get it while it's still available!

Lace dress


8- Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are THE Summer dress of choice for 2021. They can be very versatile and fun, which places them among the fan-favorites for sunny days at the park or even a stroll by the beach. You can find them in different lengths depending on your preferences as well in different colors and lovely prints that will add an extra touch to it. A great option is an asymmetrical piece like our Honeysuckle Amo Couture Wrap Dress, which has vibrant colors perfect for a day out.


And there you have it! Hopefully this list has been helpful to you, and don’t forget to take a look at our entire Dress collection Online. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite dress trend for 2021. Stay safe!

 Wrap dress


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